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A large Fitness Centre with a humble atmosphere...

Opened in 2002, we've come a long way from just a simple gym. Our weight room, cardio and high intensity training areas have expanded, with even more essential pieces of equipment from some of the best brands in the industry. Our studio space is available to all members. The class schedule hosts a variety of group fitness classes for every level of fitness. From Boot Camps and Spin classes to Yoga, Pilates and Puppy Yoga; the structure of an instructor-led group fitness class always equals an exceptional workout in a great community.

A gym with childcare can be invaluable to parents. We’ve made our childcare available mornings, evenings and weekends to fit your schedule. With the addition of personal trainers who offer free consultations and know how to build you the appropriate workout program, you'll have all the tools you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

We believe a gym shouldn't just be the place where you come to sweat; it should feel like a second home, a place that you're happy to show up to everyday. We offer no contract gym member because we’re confident this is the gym where you’ll want to be and make your second home.

It's important that your gym offers a variety of tools that allows you to work out the way you want, but we also understand the value of a positive atmosphere to make every workout a great experience for you. As one of the longest running gyms in Saskatoon, we’re proud to have grown into a great community full of health & fitness minded people just like you, working hard to improve a little bit more every day.


"Affordable rates and awesome staff! Been going here for 2 months now. They treat you like family and the instructors (and their classes) are amazing. They help and motivate you to do better each time."
- Michiko

Great gym with something for everyone! Old school bodybuilder feel but has group sessions for those looking to remain active as well. The staff are excellent and you can tell management care and take pride in providing quality service to it members.
- Shaun


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Deadlifts have become one of the most popular exercises in the gym. You've probably noticed more and more people spending a significant amount of time working out with Olympic weights in recent years, but, more specifically doing deadlifts.  There's a good reason for this; for such a primitive and simplistic exercise, it carries numerous benefits which can help nearly anybody, no matter what their fitness goals. The simplicity of a deadlift is perfectly described in the exercises' name;... Read more

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At Fitness Focus, the goal is to offer a fitness center with a welcoming, fun and safe environment that all ages can enjoy. They are a forerunner in the fitness industry in Saskatoon . With the ever changing fitness demands of new and improved classes, training; and nutrition. They are your TRUSTED SASKATOON FITNESS EXPERTS!   The change of seasons can throw off your fitness routine considerably. If you're used to running around your neighborhood after work, you may be... Read more


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