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The cost for personal training always varies because everyone's individual needs are different. Sit down for a free consultation with a trainer to discuss your options and what is best for you.
Anyone can benefit by hiring a personal trainer. Your health and fitness journey will always present you with new challenges and obstacles; your trainer is there to educate you, give you advice, motivate you, and give you a better perspective.
  • Personalized programs
  • Ongoing One-on-One training
  • Single sessions
  • Weight management plans
  • Meal planning

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Personal Trainer
Through the chaos of work, raising 4 kids, coaching hockey and an overall busy lifestyle, I always made sure I never put the dumbbells down. I entered my first bodybuilding contest in 1991, and over the past 30 years I've dedicated my life to the sport.

I appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle; I'm very passionate about studying and learning more about training, diet and nutrition. I'm constantly tweaking my own workouts and diet to be the best that I can be. My motto has always been..."compete against yourself"; I always instill in my clients to simply work towards being better than they were yesterday; if they can do that, they will learn, grow and ultimately achieve their goals.


Personal Trainer
Hard work, perseverance, motivation and determination have fuelled my passions throughout my entire life. From a very early age, I discovered an athletic ability within myself and excelled at many sports including volleyball, basketball, swimming, track and hockey. After high school however, the demands of post-secondary education forced me to lose focus on sports and fitness and I came face to face with the reality of not only being uncomfortably overweight and out of shape, but also dealing with an unhealthy relationship with food. Realizing I allowed myself to lose sight of something that I was so passionate about for so long, lead me to embark on a journey that I haven’t looked back on in over ten years and ultimately lead me to a career in the fitness industry. Having been through my own experience battling weight issues and emotional eating, I know what it takes to get desired results. My goal as a personal trainer is to motivate inspire and educate others about the benefits of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. Results do not come over night, but with patience, persistence, and consistency anyone can achieve realistic goals.


Personal Trainer
I have always had a passion for health & wellness. I believe our bodies are happiest when they are moving. I grew up playing volleyball, track & field, cross country, and in college began instructing group fitness classes.

I attended the University of Saskatchewan and completed my Kinesiology Degree. I worked as an Exercise Therapist for two years helping individuals return to work and get their strength back on track.

I enjoy working with individuals of all fitness levels. My goal is to help you establish a strong foundation while incorporating functional movements for optimal health and wellness.

I will help you create a work-life balance & mindset that builds on your habits and create a healthy lifestyle that you will enjoy! I will encourage you, keep you accountable and bring variety to your workouts!

BSc. in Kinesiology with a Major in Exercise Science
Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP)
Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
Certified Group Fitness Instructor (SPRA, MOSSA, TRX, BARRE)


Personal Trainer
I began my fitness and wellness journey back in 2011 while battling a few chronic medical conditions. I needed a way to distract my mind and to strengthen my body, so I decided to jump in and compete in Bodybuilding (talk about extreme, eh? LOL). I’ve always been a hard worker, and because of that, I did well over the years and had the opportunity to compete at nationals early on. In 2016, I was blessed and won the Figure Overall Title for Saskatchewan and started to prep for another national competition. 2018 came along, and I brought my best package yet, securing an overall win and awarding me an IFBB Elite Body Fitness (Figure) Pro Card. I achieved the goal I set back in 2011 of win my Pro card. The moral of the story - I understand how persistence and hard work pay off, just do NOT give up.

In 2021 my health took another turn, and I began my Cancer warrior journey. To say this has been an easy road would be a complete understatement. Again, needing a distraction from this hurdle, I needed to find a way to busy my mind. In 2023, I also completed the Cancer Exercise Specialist Course at the Cancer Exercise Institute. It was a goal I set with my Cancer Advocacy journey, and am now honored to support others in their journey against cancer.

As a trainer, I believe that it is my purpose to share my experiences, drive, and passion with my clients. I want to guide you; help you see your potential, and ultimately achieve your goals. It does not matter if you have a chronic condition, trust me, I get it. You can literally do anything you set your mind to. Yes, the body will have limitations, but that is why we become adaptable and push through. Let me help you along your journey to health and wellness!


Personal Trainer
I started my fitness journey for myself in 2014. I had to overcome some poor eating and exercise habits that effected my weight and lifestyle. I had a lot of drive for change and it developed into a passion for helping others do the same.

I started out teaching group fitness classes certified through SPRA and enrolled in Alive Academy, working towards a Nutritional Consulting Diploma. I'm passionate about actively helping others obtain their goals in a practical way, so naturally the next chapter in my health and fitness journey was becoming a certified Personal Trainer Specialist through CanFitPro.

I am also a mother, I intimately understand the struggles that come along with pregnancy and motherhood; rebuilding confidence in women & specialising in healthy lifestyle changes are my training focuses. Giving you the tools to bring out the best you.


Cleanest gym in town, staff are super friendly and the members are absolutely fantastic. Family like feel forsure, not cliquey like other gyms tend to be. Lots of equipment with a wide variety, which is the way i like it!

- Debra

Perfect gym to visit when you have a stop over in Saskatoon. The staff and clients are all very pleasant, and the equipment is quite good. And the place is very clean, and a fair price. I was very pleased.

- Paul


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