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Timing Your Nutrition for Maximum Nutritional Benefit

You are not alone in the never ending quest to maximize your potential to be healthy and fit.  And of course you want to receive the full payoff for your hard work invested in your training, whether it’s sport specific, in the gym, or focusing on your overall well being.  The roadblock most people inevitably run into is their diet.  With so many variables such as lifestyle and genetics, everyone has different requirements.  Life would be much easier if there was one perfect, generic diet that told you what to eat and when to eat it, and this would be the standard eating plan that everyone could follow.  Unfortunately this is not possible, and furthermore you cannot rely solely on supplements for all your nutritional needs.  However, the one aspect of a proper nutritional diet does remain the same for everybody is the benefits received when you implement the right food choices and timing of your meals.


Some main benefits for proper meal timing and nutrition include:

  • It ensures that your muscles strengthen and repair between each bout of physical exertion.  Adequate nutrition after exercise speeds your recovery time, leaving your body ready for the next workout. Faster recovery from your training allows your next training session to be much more efficient.
  • Sufficient nutrients maintain your immune system allowing you to fight off infection more efficiently. 
  • It optimizes fuel use so that you remain energized through your current workout.


Hopefully looking at these benefits is an incentive to start asking your trainer more questions about what foods are right for your body type and how to successfully manipulate the timing of your nutritional intake.




Fitness Focus Health & Athletic Centre


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Saskatoon

Thanks again to everybody at Saskatoon's Fine Lifestyles for their terrific job on the Winter issue of the magazine.  It's great to see such familiar faces from local Saskatoon businesses.  If you haven't had a chance to see it for yourself, you can check it out online:

Keep you eyes peeled for the Spring issue in the months to come.

Fitness Focus Health & Athletic Centre

Fitness Focus for Christmas

Its that time of year again; Fitness Focus Gift Certificates are available for anyone you might know in Saskatoon that is looking for a gym.  Gift Certificates are available for everything from Regular Memberships, Group Fitness and All Service Memberships.  Gift Certificates can also be added to existing memberships.

Please contact Fitness Focus at or at the club.

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