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Provincial Requirements for Saskatoon Gyms

Update to COVID Requirements for Saskatoon Fitness Centres

  • Proof of Vaccination is required by all individuals for access to the club. Childcare
  • Masks are required in the club; when entering the premises, when moving around within the building, and while socializing.
  • Masks can be removed when exercising at your workout station.

Proof of Vaccination 

Still in effect since October 1, 2021; the Provincial Government requires proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test to enter businesses and event venues in Saskatchewan.

How will we be implementing this?  Please read in full.

Proof of Vaccination can be shown to staff starting today.
For members, proof is only required once; on your first visit after September 30th.

You can register your proof of vaccination:
•SHA wallet card issued at the time of immunization.

•QR Code printed with all pertinent identifying info.

•QR Code displayed on your phone

•An image of your eHealth QR Code with all pertinent identifying info.

Drop-ins and Punch Card users will need to produce their Wallet Card or QR on each visit.⠀

COVID-19 Negative test:

An alternative to proof of vaccination is a Negative COVID-19 test result including the provision of documentation demonstrating proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR or rapid antigen test provided by a certified healthcare provider.

Negative test results need to include the date and time of the test, your name, and will remain valid for 72 hours.

•Please remember these are not permanent measures.
•Please remember to be empathetic to others.
•Please remember to understand this is not an ideal position for any small business or corporation
•Please remember to respect the employees of all businesses

Saskatchewan's Return to Normal

Congratulations to all gyms in Saskatoon for showing that fitness centres can manage regulations and successfully follow the necessary guidelines to operate safely through a pandemic. As Saskatchewan prepares to lift all COVID-19 regulation, we want our members to know that we still have their safety in mind. Although it would be easiest to abandon all current COVID regulations as soon as we are permitted, we plan to continue practicing many of the procedures we've adopted during the pandemic.


Starting July 11, 2021


Masks have been a point of contention for nearly 8 months; but where we can agree is that masks are not ideal for training and intense exercise.

Masks will not be mandatory in Fitness Focus.  We recommend wearing a mask while moving throughout the facility and removing it while engaged in exercise, but the choice to not to wear a mask is at your discretion.

We still ask that all members continue to acknowledge the importance of managing personal space. Maintain a minimum 6' distance from others to be respectful that not all members will be comfortable with close contact engagements. Please continue to act with consideration and empathy towards others.

Cardio equipment will remain spaced apart to allow training without encroaching on others' personal space.


Cleaning equipment before and after your workout is still required, this includes bars, handles, upholstery, plates and dumbbells. Sanitizing spray and laundry baskets for soiled towels are located all around the weight room, cardio and studio. Please take time to put your used rags in the laundry baskets.

Staff will continue to dedicate their efforts to extra sanitization of the equipment handles, pads and commonly touched surfaces all throughout the gym.

Take time to wipe equipment before and after you use it.  


6-10 feet distance will still be observed between class participants and class sizes will continue to be limited to 9 participants.  Sanitization of equipment is still required both before use and after class.


  • Childcare is available
  • We will be limiting to 8 children at one time.  We encourage you to book in advance.
  • We will plan for reduced contact activities and removing toys that encourage group play along with removing toys with soft surfaces.

  • Children that are ill or displaying symptoms of any illness will not be permitted in the childcare.
  • We will be encouraging consistent hand washing for children.
  • We will exceed our regular amount of sanitizing with focus on high touch surface areas and toys.

We take all questions and concerns seriously.  Please contact our front staff at (306)244-6413 or email to

COVID Measures For Fitness Focus Saskatoon

We've always made it our priority to ensure you have all the tools you need to workout the way you want in a healthy and safe environment, and this hasn’t changed. All gyms in Saskatoon have shown we can successfully navigate Covid-19 and continue to operate and provide you with all the essential amenities you need to carry on living your most healthy and active lifestyle. We hope you are all excited to get into the gym and put focus back on your physical and mental health.


There are new procedures in place and in short time we will all become accustom to these temporary changes.


Starting November 27, 2020 until further notice


Within fitness centers; this means wearing a mask at all times when:

  • Entering and exiting the building
  • When moving between areas inside the building
  • Socializing and in common areas
  • Moving from equipment to equipment.
  • While working out

Once you’re on the gym floor your priorities should be:

  • Cleaning your equipment before and after use
  • Respecting safe distances from one another
  • Washing your hands often


Please remember these measures, for the most part, are not permanent and have been mandated by the Government of Saskatchewan.


Some Temporary Changes You’ll Be Seeing


We will be monitoring member traffic and flow very closely.  We don’t required members to book a designated time to use the gym; at this time we do not intend to implement any booking systems or designated time slots.


This is provided members are continuing to displaying practical and safe distancing.


In order to avoid overcrowding we recommend that you avoid planning your workout at peak hours of 12pm and 5pm Monday through Friday.

Further, please be mindful of the direction of traffic passing the front desk.


Washroom areas will remain accessible and hand washing is essential. Lockers and change area and showers are open for use with additional cleaning by our staff.  Please refrain from loitering and congregating in the change rooms.

To minimize traffic in the change rooms you may consider arriving at the gym already in your workout clothes when possible


Cleaning equipment before and after your workout will now require that rags be laundered after each use. Please take time to put your rags in the laundry baskets located around the gym.

Staff will be dedicating their efforts 2-3 times daily for extra sanitization of the equipment handles, pads and commonly touched surfaces.


There will be no use of the water fountain until further notice. The bottle fill station will still be available for use and we will continue to sanitize it frequently.


Checking in will remain the same.  Using a scannable Key Tag is recommended for checking-in as this method promotes touch free access.  Please ask the staff about upgrading to a Key Tag.


The older system of membership card drop off is acceptable but not preferred; staff will sanitize your member card upon receiving it.



We will take precautions to ensure minimum 6-10 feet distance between class participants.  Sanitation of your equipment is essential both before use and after class.


All Group Fitness classes will require that you register in advance in order for us to manage capacity. The current maximum class capacity is 9 participants at one time (plus one instructor).


  • Childcare is available
  • We will be limiting to 8 children at one time.  We encourage you to book in advance
  • Staff and parents must encourage and practice physical distancing.
  • For younger children, maintaining physical distance is less practical and the focus should be on minimizing physical contact instead.
  • We will plan for reduced contact activities and removing toys that encourage group play along with removing toys with soft surfaces.

  • Children that are ill or displaying symptoms of any illness will not be permitted in the childcare.
  • We will be encouraging consistent hand washing for children.
  • We will exceed our regular amount of sanitizing with focus on high touch surface areas and toys..


Protein shakes and food items will not be available at this time. Water and protein bars are still available for purchase.


Trainers will be available to serve clients, sessions can be done while observing physical distancing or trainers will wear masks.  Consultations can be done by phone or in person. 


Members Doing Their Part

Your actions and participation in these new procedures can be the difference between success and remaining under these regulations for a longer period of time.


Maintain your distance from others when possible

Wash your hands often and only use hand sanitizer as a supplementary method for cleaning hands.


Peak hours for member traffic are between 1130 am to 1 pm as well as 5pm to 7pm.  Do your best to plan workout times at off-peak hours to relieve congestion in the gym and ultimately avoid a need to implement designated times for gym use.


We ask that you do your best to keep your workout to 90 minutes at peak times.


Take time to wipe equipment before and after you use it.  This includes bars, handles, upholstery, plates and dumbbells.


Sanitizing spray and laundry baskets for soiled towels are located all around the weight room, cardio and studio.



We have made some necessary changes by moving the locations of certain pieces of equipment as well as removing some less essential pieces of equipment in order to allow for easier movement around the gym without overcrowding.


Most equipment in the gym, generally allow for 6 feet between each member.  Please consider alternate exercises or using a different piece of equipment if you aren’t able to keep proper distance from others.


Anytime you feel ill, it is advised you remain at home as to not put others at risk. If you do workout while you're sick or feel you are becoming sick, you can further compromise your immune system extending the duration of any illness.

We take all questions and concerns seriously.  Please contact our front staff at (306)244-6413 or email to

Additional Step We're Taking to Keep Members Safe

  • Time spent by Staff on cleaning and sanitizing processes has been increased. 
  • We've created a comprehensive list of high traffic areas and high contact surfaces which will be given priority and increased attention.
  • Cleaners and disinfectants used will be approved by Health Canada (DIN), adequate for eliminating viruses.
  • We've eliminated some redundant equipment to allow better passage throughout all workout areas.
  • We've made hand sanitizer more readily available.
  • We've added Plexiglass dividers at the front counter. 

The Most Adorable Yoga

This February we're beyond excited to present to Saskatoon, Puppy Yoga!  This is our first ever time offering this event which we've aptly called Mutts & Mats: Yoga for a New Hope. What could be more enjoyable than a relaxing Yoga class, surrounded by adorable 3-month old puppies? While this class is currently sold out, the initial response has been so overwhelming, we plan to provide this class again in the very near future.

If you've ever been to our gym you've likely met our Gym Dog named Dak.  Having Dak around, and the reception he's gotten from all of our member, we've realized what an admiration you all have for dogs.  We've also realized just how many of you out there all have a furry family member of your own. We figured it was only fitting to combine something as lovable as dogs with something so many of you are so passionate about as Yoga.  And hey, if yoga can be made more popular with the addition of cats or goats, then puppy yoga might just be the best thing ever invented.

Saskatoon Puppy YogaOur friends at New Hope Dog Rescue in Saskatoon will be bringing their newest litter of German Shepherd cross puppies to explore and play around the Fitness Focus yoga studio while all the participants find their zen. All proceeds raised by Mutts & Mats will be going to New Hope Dog Rescue, which provides financial aid for emergency surgeries, housing, food and other expenses associated with the process of finding dogs a forever home. 

Be sure to watch for upcoming announcements for the next available Puppy Yoga Session.

2019 New Years

 Hey Saskatoon, have you already lost your New Years ambition to get to the gym?  It's really easy to get excited about starting that training program when you're just starting a new gym membership, or rejuvenating the one you have been ignoring since the summer.  Here are a few tips that can help you keep on track, permanently:

1.   Have a plan!  If you can plan ahead, your ability to stay the course will be that much better and you'll be able to avoid external stresses and time constraints.

2.   Be disciplined! Make sure you do everything from eating, planning, training and resting with consistency. Once you find your groove, anything that deviates from the routine will be your motivation to get back on track.

3.   Stay positive!  All the negative influences over a few days seem to accumulate and cause your drive to workout to completely crumble.  Leave it all behind you. Dwelling on the negative things in life, even on the way to the gym, will make you feel like turning around and going straight home. After that, you'll wind up feeling guilty that you missed your workout, and the negativity continues.

4.   Define your goal!  To simply go to the gym is not a goal. Too often you might find yourself going through the motions and not facing the challenge each day.  Choose where you want to be and what you want to achieve. Otherwise you'll never realize that you've succeeded

2017 is Behind Us - This is Fitness Focus' Year in Review

Do you ever notice how some years just fly by? So quickly in fact that you would swear that, despite the cold weather, it was still only August or September.  Well that was 2017 in a Nutshell for us; honestly where did it go?  We want to take a moment to share a few highlight of what we got up to over the past year.

Back to the beginning, we'll set the scene for you. January 2017 started with rising and falling temperatures, which as we know in Saskatoon, causes water mains to rupture. As you likely know, Fitness Focus is located in an older neighborhood, and along with that comes an old infrastructure.  Our busiest time of the year, and we get stuck with no running water. After almost five days fighting well below zero temperatures, the city was able to repair the main and we were back in business.    

In March we added some new equipment to the weight room. Some much needed functional training equipment really brought things together.  A dead lift platform was brought in in the power lifting area; the hard, elevated surface has been put to good use, so much that we've considered adding a second platform.  In addition to the platform we added some new bumper plates which allow for easier loading and smoother lifts.

Another goody in the strength department was a Sissy Squat Bench.  Don't let the name fool you; the Sissy Squat movement is as challenging as exercises get. If you have yet to try it or want a demonstration, you can ask any of the Personal Trainers; they're always happy to share their knowledge.

We pride ourselves on our Personal Training department, as a leading gym in Saskatoon with Personal Training it's important that the Training Team is always expanding, growing and doing new things.  We welcomed Denise Kominetsky and Curtis Korchinski to the Personal Training Team.  They are both nationally certified, extremely knowledgeable, respectful and positive additions to the team.

Also happening in the Personal Training department was a pilot project aptly called the One Year Life Changing Transformation. Over a dozen nominees were narrowed down to five, after which the five remaining were interviewed by Two Trainers, Fitness Focus Managers, Herc's Nutrition Owner, and Owner of The District Kitchen & Bar to determine who was most deserving of this life changing opportunity.

The goal of this project was to offer one person the opportunity to lose a substantial amount of weight and learn how to change their lifestyle and management their health and body weight on their own thereafter.  Our Candidate has so far made great progress, we hope she can reach her goals,learn more about herself and fitness, and inspire people around her to do the same.

What do we have planned for 2018?  Just as we treat our health and fitness, we're planning for nothing but progress in the coming year.  We have some new plans Group Fitness and the Childcare Room, and we're looking forward to running a new member survey to find out from you, exactly how we've been doing and what you want to see moving into the future.

Thank you all for your support over the past year.

Christmas Gift Certificates

A Gift Certificates for a gym membership makes the perfect gift, especially around Christmas. Let's face it, January is coming which means your friends and family are starting to catch the health and fitness bug.  So with the shopping days quickly counting down, knock a few names off your Christmas shopping list and grab Gift Certificate for a loved one. 

Christmas Gifts in Saskatoon.  Saskatoon Gym Membership Gift Certificates.

Gift Certificates are available year round.  They can be used to start a new membership or the value can be put towards an already existing membership, juice bar purchases and even merchandise. 

Personal Training at it's Best

Personal Training isn't about having your work in the gym done for you, it's about learning something new or building on what you already know, from someone with experience.  You want a Personal Trainer that you can build a relationship with, so that their success is your success.

Take some time to learn about the Trainers here at Fitness Focus, the TEAM WAWRYK Pro Trainers. Their passion for fitness makes them your ultimate weapon to reaching your goals in the gym. They specialize in every aspect of fitness from weight gain, weight loss, proper nutrition, training programs, fitness competitions, psychological approaches to fitness and much more. You have nothing to lose by sitting and meeting with a trainer, consultations are a no cost way to see if a Personal Training is right for you.

Saskatoon Gym Personal Training

Through the chaos of work, raising 4 kids, coaching hockey, moving and the failing health of his father, Vince never put the dumbbells down. He entered his first bodybuilding contest in 1991. Over the past 20 years, Vince has dedicated his life to the sport. He works hard, researches information constantly, studies nutrition, he eats, eats, and eats some more. Vince is constantly tweaking his diets different training methods to be the best that he can be. His motto has always been..."compete against yourself" he tells clients "don't worry about somebody else on stage, and work towards doing better than you did the time before. If you can do that, you will learn, grow and ultimately achieve your goal." That's what Vince did; and that is how he became the 2007 Canadian National Champion of Body Building.

Saskatoon Gym Personal Training

Fitness and sport have always been a passion of mine and I feel fortunate to be able to share this passion with clients and friends at Fitness Focus. I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach and as such I am not only a trainer but also a competitive fitness athlete. My goal as your trainer is to be %100 honest with you on your progress, on what is achievable, and in our business relationship. I will continue to educate myself to provide you with the latest and most effective techniques to help you achieve your goals. Additionally I will not only help you condition your body but also your mind, to make my teaching something you can live with and enjoy.

Saskatoon Gym Personal Training

 Hard work, perseverance, motivation and determination have fuelled my passions throughout my entire life. From a very early age, I discovered an athletic ability within myself and excelled at many sports including volleyball, basketball, swimming, track and hockey. After high school however, the demands of post secondary education forced me to lose focus on sports and fitness and I came face to face with the reality of not only being uncomfortably overweight and out of shape, but also dealing with an unhealthy relationship with food. Realizing I allowed myself to lose sight of something that I was so passionate about for so long, lead me to embark on a journey that I haven’t looked back on in over ten years and ultimately lead me to a career in the fitness industry. Having been through my own experience battling weight issues and emotional eating, I know what it takes to get desired results. My goal as a personal trainer is to motivate inspire and educate others about the benefits of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. Results do not come over night, but with patience, persistence, and consistency anyone can achieve realistic goals. I am so excited to be working with Team Wawryk and I can’t wait to get you started on the right track to reach your goals.

Saskatoon Gym Personal Training

My fitness journey started simply from one word, Competition. I was just a young boy from Cape Breton, NS with a brother 7 years older than me who was not only my role model, but a guy the fed a fire that still is burning today. 

I began lifting weights at the age of 13 in a small Olympic Powerlifting gym that was set up in a garage for $20 a month. Over the next year I developed my body, learning proper form and gaining strength which helped me excel in Basketball; that’s when I fell in love with fitness. 

After High School and numerous injuries, I realized I was not getting anywhere with sports. But, still having the competitive fire and burning desire to compete I became interested in Bodybuilding. A few friends were competing at the SABBA Provincials in 2012 and I began to follow their “cookie cut” diet without anyone knowing, so with the thought of maybe competing I pushed myself harder in the gym. After a year of building my body and dieting myself, I entered the 2013 SABBA Novice show in the newly created Men’s Physique category. I placed 4th which did not stand well with me. 

Realizing experience is what I needed to get to the next level I decided to contact Vince with Team Wawyrk and worked alongside them ever since. Gaining incredible amounts of knowledge and developing my physique from a 4th overall SABBA Novice finish to a top 4 overall CANADIAN National finish in little under 2 years. 

Since then I have become a MAGNUM Nutraceutical Sponsored athlete, started prepping for future shows, such as the Arnold Classic Invitational and CBBF 2016 Nationals; also coaching clients towards their own fitness goals, from weight loss, strength building, fitness contests, and more. 

To me, fitness is not about flexing, taking selfies and being better than the guy next to me. It’s about a passion, shared with numerous individuals, with many different goals, dreams and definitions of what fitness means to them but, at the same time trying to be the best they can be! 

I’ve made many lifelong friends, been places I never thought I could be and developed connections that will help me in my own fitness journey. 

This isn’t a part time job. It’s my health, it’s fun, it’s a community and most importantly… It’s a lifestyle!

Outdoor Morning Boot Camp

Wednesday 6:00am Outdoor Boot Camp; are you up for it? Forget the gym for a day and meet Jen at River Landing for a killer workout. Boot Camps are a combination of strength training and aerobic elementswhich focus on military-style exercises and functional movements like push-ups, squats, sit-ups, body-weight resistance, sprints, stairs, hill climbing and more. 

Start your day off right with an effective workout.  Feel better all day, jump start your metabolism and get more intensity than if you trained on your own

Contact Fitness Focus if you have any questions or (306)244-6413

Saskatchewan Amateur Body Building SABBA 2015

Fitness Focus, we make it our mission to empower everyone in the gym to challenge themselves everyday.  A dedicated gym routine, no matter how casual or how intense can affect so many other aspects of our lives. So many reasons keep us coming back day in-day out; some people are trying to get in better shape for health reasons and some people need to burn off extra energy.  Lots of people are even training for a competitive event like a marathon or sanctioned fight, and a lot of the time we walk past them in the weight room without even knowing it. 

Here is a group of members from Fitness Focus that we usually do notice when they are training for their event.  We notice that their clothes might be fitting a bit loose, or their faces have leaned out from 2 weeks ago when we last saw them, or maybe the jug of water they've been toting around with them.  The body builders and physique competitors; we may not fully understand them, but like any other competitive athlete we know they are giving 100% to do what they love to do. We want to take a moment to recognize the members that represented Fitness Focus on May 23rd at the 2015 Saskatchewan Amateur Body Building Association Provincial Championship (SABBA 2015). Their dedication to training and diet for the past 16 weeks is a prime example of what challenging yourself everyday can accomplish.

 ROHAN BARNETT Men's Physique










 NANCY MONTEITH Physique Short

 PETER NGUYEN Body Building


 EVAN SHOUT Body Building


 JESS FRIESEN (Personal Trainer) Figure Short

 SHERRI HUNCHAK Women's Figure Tall

 JOHN GOERTZEN Body Building



If you have photos from any sport you do that you're proud of, please share them on our Facebook Page tag us on your INSTAGRAM (@fitnessfocussaskatoon) or email them to

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