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Reopening Fitness Focus June 8th

We are happy to welcome everyone back to Fitness Focus as we prepare to reopen at our regular hours on Monday June 8th.


It’s always been our priority to make sure you have all the tools you need to workout the way you want in a healthy and safe environment, and this hasn’t changed. We hope you’re all excited to get into the gym and put focus back on your physical and mental health.


There are some new procedures in place and in short time we will all become accustom to these temporary changes.  Once you’re on the gym floor your priorities should be:

  • Cleaning your equipment before and after use
  • Respecting safe distances from one another
  • Washing your hands often


Please remember these measures, for the most part, are not permanent and have been recommended by the Government of Saskatchewan.


Some Temporary Changes You’ll Be Seeing


We will be monitoring member traffic and flow very closely.  We don’t anticipate that members will be required to book a designated time to use the gym; at this time we do not intend to implement any booking systems or designated time slots.


This is provided members are displaying practical and safe distancing.


In order to avoid overcrowding we recommend that you avoid planning your workout at peak hours of 12pm and 5pm Monday through Friday.

Further, please be mindful of the direction of traffic passing the front desk.


Washroom areas will remain accessible and hand washing is essential. Lockers and change area and showers are open for use with additional cleaning by our staff.  Please refrain from loitering and congregating in the change rooms.

To minimize traffic in the change rooms you may consider arriving at the gym already in your workout clothes when possible


Cleaning equipment before and after your workout will now require that rags be laundered after each use. Please take time to put your rags in the laundry baskets located around the gym


There will be no use of the water fountain until further notice. The bottle fill station will still be available for use and we will continue to sanitize it frequently.


Checking in will remain the same.  Using a scannable Key Tag is recommended for checking-in as this method promotes touch free access.  Please ask the staff about upgrading to a Key Tag.


The older system of member card drop off is acceptable but not preferred; staff will sanitize your member card upon receiving it.



We will take precautions to ensure minimum 6 feet distance between class participants.  Sanitation of your equipment is essential both before use and after class.


All Group Fitness classes will require that you register in advance in order for us to manage capacity. The current maximum class capacity is 9 participants at one time (plus one instructor).


  • Childcare will be available starting Monday June 15
  • We will be limiting to 5 children at one time.  We encourage you to book in advance
  • Staff and parents must encourage and practice physical distancing.
  • For younger children, maintaining physical distance is less practical and the focus should be on minimizing physical contact instead.
  • We will plan for reduced contact activities and removing toys that encourage group play along with removing toys with soft surfaces.

  • Children that are ill or displaying symptoms of any illness will not be permitted in the childcare.
  • We will be encouraging consistent hand washing for children.
  • We will exceed our regular amount of sanitizing with focus on high touch surface areas and toys..


Protein shakes and food items will not be available at this time. Water and protein bars are still available for purchase.


Trainers will be available to serve clients, sessions can be done while observing physical distancing or trainers will wear masks.  Consultations can be done by phone rather than in person. 


Members Doing Their Part

Your actions and participation in these new procedures can be the difference between success and remaining under these regulations for a longer period of time.


Maintain your distance from others when possible

Wash your hands often and only use hand sanitizer as a supplementary method for cleaning hands.


Peak hours for member traffic are between 1130 am to 1 pm as well as 5pm to 7pm.  Do your best to plan workout times at off-peak hours to relieve congestion in the gym and ultimately avoid a need to implement designated times for gym use.


We ask that you do your best to keep your workout to 90 minutes at peak times.


Take time to wipe equipment before and after you use it.  This includes bars, handles, upholstery, plates and dumbbells.


Sanitizing spray and laundry baskets for soiled towels are located all around the weight room, cardio and studio.



We have made some necessary changes by moving the locations of certain pieces of equipment as well as removing some less essential pieces of equipment in order to allow for easier movement around the gym without overcrowding.


Most equipment in the gym, generally allow for 6 feet between each member.  Please consider alternate exercises or using a different piece of equipment if you aren’t able to keep proper distance from others.


Anytime you feel ill, it is advised you remain at home as to not put others at risk. If you do workout while you're sick or feel you are becoming sick, you can further compromise your immune system extending the duration of the illness.

We take all questions and concerns seriously.  Please contact our front staff at (306)244-6413 or email to

Additional Step We're Taking to Keep Members Safe

  • Time spent on Staff cleaning and sanitizing processes has been increased. 
  • We've created a comprehensive list of high traffic areas and high contact surfaces which will be given priority and increased attention.
  • Cleaners and disinfectants used will be approved by Health Canada (DIN), adequate for eliminating viruses.
  • We've eliminated some redundant equipment to allow better passage throughout all workout areas.
  • We've made hand sanitizer more readily available.
  • We are currently not offering free 2-week trial passes to avoid over congestion with transient users.
  • We've added Plexiglass dividers at the front counter. 

Fitness Focus and COVID-19

As April 2020 comes to an end, we are now approximately 6 weeks into Saskatchewan’s State of Emergency.  At this point, for us that live in Saskatchewan, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The province has a 5 phase plan to reopen our economy and that’s great news to many people, families and companies.

Our place in this strategy to reopen Saskatchewan’s economy is in the third phase.  This is good news; however it is still a little unclear as to when an exact date will be for this phase to be implemented.

We are anxious to have our doors open again, but we’re thankful that this process isn’t being rushed.  It’s become very evident over the past 6 to 7 weeks what high important you all put on your daily fitness routines; if not for your immediate physical health but your mental health and wellbeing as well. But what's more important is keeping those around us safe and prioritizing people who are more susceptible to the virus.

Reopening the gym as early as possible in Phase 3 would be optimal for everyone; but we are working hard to make sure we move forward with caution. We have been taking steps and making the proper changes to ensure we can operate the club safely with adequate sanitation practices and remain functional while always considering required distancing between members.

We will be providing more details on new measures and practices as we near the date that we are able to reopen.

In the meantime, all recurring biweekly member payments will remain frozen for the duration of this state of emergency and will resume as we are able to reopen our doors.

If you have any concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our member services at

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Your Relationship with Your Fitness Routine

Why it's so hard to stay with your workouts long term

-Fitness Focus Saskatoon-

We've all got a different reason to include exercise and fitness into our lives. Maybe it was doctor's orders that you need to make some drastic life changes. Maybe you miss feeling as good as you did back in high school. If you're already athletic, you may just want to take things to the next level. 

Whatever it is that led you down this road towards improving or maintaining your personal health and fitness, there's one thing that we all have in common, which is that when we started we all had some sort of goal or outcome in mind. Treat your relationship with your workout like you would any other relationship in your life. At some point you may ask yourself, "am I getting what I need?"; so it's important to remember that what you get out of it will likely depend on what you put in.

What's the reason we give up on our gym regimen? 

Anybody that's ever started a workout plan likely never thought to themselves about whether or not they were going to still be working out a year down the road, or even six months for that matter.

A lot of the time, we just find it doesn't mesh with the rest of our life; it's a scheduling issue.  With work, family, extracurricular, life events or even that curve ball that life will inevitable throw at you; obstacles will get in your way and the easiest thing to do is remove health and fitness from your daily routine. 

What can you do about this?  

Since time, or lack thereof, is generally always the issue that causes us not to go to the gym and ultimately cancel a membership all together; how we use our time is the most important factor we need to control. So, plan and prepare!

“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin